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It has been said that Northumberland is England’s finest county. This accolade is certainly borne out by the county’s wonderful and diverse scenery, and its varying moods, from the drama of the magnificent coastline and its imposing castles, to the wild beauty of the Cheviot Hills. Northumberland is also a large county, with an area approaching 2,000 square miles, and to a landscape and nature photographer like myself, it motivates and challenges me to evoke its unique beauty and character in my work.

My decision to specialise in Northumbrian landscape and nature photography was borne out of a strong love for my home county, and the desire to learn more about Northumberland, and to explore and discover many of the county’s lesser known corners. This in turn has both stimulated my creativity, and led to an even greater appreciation of Northumberland, its remoter areas, and many hidden delights. Additionally, my work has evolved to take in many of Northumberland's historic buildings and bridges, and its parks and gardens, which add so much to the county's unique character.

Whilst scenic landscape and nature imagery is my main passion, my work also covers close-up and abstract photography of the variety of beautiful and fascinating flora and geology found in Northumberland. The detail revealed by these macro images offers an insight into the landscape in miniature, with its array of pattern, colour and form.

I shoot digitally, using professional Nikon digital single lens reflex (DSLR) FX-format cameras and Nikon Nikkor lenses. The FX-format denotes a high-resolution, full-frame CMOS sensor, which means that the image sensor is the same size as a 35mm film frame. This gives excellent image quality with low noise levels, wide dynamic range, superb detail and smooth tonal graduation. This, coupled with the optical excellence of Nikon’s Nikkor lenses, undoubtedly gives me the results that I look for from my camera. I shoot NEF (Raw) file format images, in effect ‘digital negatives’, which I then process and convert into other image formats, such as Tiff or Jpeg, using Nikon’s Capture NX2 post-processing software, which is perfectly suited to this purpose

My images are available to purchase as lab-produced prints – either on gloss or satin matt paper surface, in a variety of sizes – mounted or un-mounted. Please feel free to contact me, whether wishing to make a purchase, or simply to enquire about/comment on my photography. I can assure you of a quick response to any enquiries that you may have.

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